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Your teeth are strong and specifically shaped to help you bite and chew food. In particular, your back teeth, or your molars and premolars, fulfill this purpose by using ridges called cusps to grind bites of food. These cusps are vital to your digestions, but they can also easily grab plaque and food debris and prevent these from being cleaned away. If you are worried about preventing cavities from forming, our dentist can place dental sealants on the back teeth for additional protection.

Because the back teeth are typically the most vulnerable to tooth decay, they may need to receive a thin plastic seal that covers the chewing surfaces so that it is less susceptible to cavities. By placing a dental sealant, we can prevent harmful substances like plaque from affecting your teeth.

After making sure that the tooth is clean and dry, we roughen the tooth surface with a mildly acidic solution to create tiny abrasions that attach firmly to the sealant so that it remains in place for many years. After painting the sealant on the biting surface, we can either allow it to harden naturally or use a special light that cures the liquid sealant.

Sealants are often recommended for children about the age of six because they are especially beneficial for recently erupted molars and premolars. However, older children and adults can also receive dental sealants if their back teeth are healthy or they seem to have a concerning risk of cavities.

Since dental sealants only cover the chewing surface and are not a substitute for dental hygiene habits, the teeth still need to be brushed twice a day and flossed once a day, and it’s important to maintain your routine dental cleanings and exams by visiting your dentist every six months. Dental checkups are an opportunity for us to assess the quality of the sealants in case they need repairs.

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