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Do you know what the best type of filling for your smile is? With all the fantastic advances in technology available in dentistry today, which product stands atop the heap to provide you the maximum satisfaction in eradicating cavities to fully protect your teeth from further tooth enamel damage and erosion? The truth is there is that all options are effective in their own ways, as many different services can provide many different benefits. Of these treatment options, dental amalgams and composite fillings are two of the most commonly used dental fillings.

The Benefits of Dental Amalgams:

– Dental amalgams are metal-based dental fillings crafted to fill in cavities and protect teeth that have holes in its tooth enamel.

– Dental amalgams are a mixture of metals bound together with mercury as a binding agent.

– Dental amalgams have been used to securely treat cavities in America for over 150 years.

– Dental amalgams are commonly used for large cavities.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings:

– Composite fillings are dental fillings that replicate the natural color of teeth. They are also commonly called tooth-colored composites.

– Composite fillings are frequently used for small and medium-sized cavities.

– Unlike dental amalgams, composite fillings can be inserted and applied multiple times over top one another effectively without the need to take out the original filling.

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