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With the coming of fall comes numerous temptations to damage our smiles. Children are especially vulnerable this time of year due to the increase in sweets and treats they will be tempted with.

Always help your child with their oral treatment plans, especially if they’re still too young to effectively brush and floss on their own. Make sure to brush their teeth twice every day and floss at least once daily.

When brushing a young child’s teeth, very little toothpaste needs to be used. Typically, a dab roughly the size of a grain of rice should suffice. If your child is between the ages of 3 and 6, a slightly larger amount can be used, roughly the size of a pea. Keeping your child’s teeth clean is essential especially if they plan on going trick-or-treating or plan on partaking in other similar activities this year. As always, be sure to limit the amount of sugars they eat, as sugars are a main contributor to dental erosion and cavities.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for an oral health care treatment. If you would like to know if you or your child needs an oral exam or professional cleaning, please book an oral exam with Dr. Arel Ondoy and our team at Arel C Ondoy DMD at our dentist office in Oak Forest, Illinois, by calling us at 708-535-0333 . The wait is over, come get your perfect smile today!