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Sometimes, something such as an accidental fall or an oral injury can hit a tooth with sufficient force to fracture it. In a moment like this, you might need to apply some simple first-aid while you seek emergency treatment.

Gently rinse your mouth with a little lukewarm salt water to help to clear away any oral debris or lingering blood from your mouth. Do not touch any lacerated soft tissues, and do not attempt to remove them. If you are struggling to deal with the pain, you might find temporary relief by taking a standard dose of an over-the-counter pain medicine, or by gently rubbing topical oral analgesic on the local gum tissues.

After assessing the severity of the oral trauma and damage to your teeth, our dentist will present you with a treatment plan. Sometimes, a minor dental fracture can be repaired by installing a basic dental filling made from metallic amalgam or a composite resin. This will effectively seal the area to prevent tooth decay from developing in the area.  

To treat a more significant dental fracture, our dentist might recommend a dental crown restoration. If the internal structures of the tooth have been traumatized, we might need to also perform a root canal.

Any lacerated oral tissues may be sutured. will then provide you with any necessary aftercare and recovery information. This might include a prescription for pain medication.

If you are in the Oak Forest, Illinois, area and have recently suffered a dental fracture, you should not delay in calling 708-535-0333 to seek treatment at Arel C Ondoy DMD. Dr. Arel Ondoy and associates are here to help you with your oral care needs!