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The American Dental Association advocates a consistent daily oral hygiene routine to help prevent periodontal disease problems and tooth decay. This consists of remembering to brush your teeth each morning and night as well as making a conscious effort to thoroughly floss at least once each day.

When brushing your teeth it’s important to focus on cleaning all exterior surfaces and contours of your teeth. It can be helpful to work the brush head in small circles to clean one tooth at a time. It should take you approximately two to three minutes to fully clean both sets of teeth.

Thorough and effective flossing includes cleaning the spaces between each of your teeth. You should also focus on cleaning along the gumline. This will clear away plaque and stray food deposits before they have a chance to harden into tartar.

You also need to make a effort to clean behind each of your rear molars. Bacterial deposits and residual food particles can easily develop in these areas promoting cavities and gum disease problems.

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