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Ignoring a chipped tooth or a tooth with a seemingly small cavity might start out simple at first. Yet as time goes on a bacterial presence can establish itself in the compromised area leading to increasingly severe complications.

As time passes the untreated area of tooth decay will gradually progress. As it starts to compromise the pulp and root of the afflicted tooth, you will likely start to notice worsening sensitivity as well as a building toothache.

In some of these cases the compromised tooth may also suffer a severe fracture near the gumline, leading to intense discomfort as well as a potentially dangerous dental abscess in the underlying periodontal tissues.

Treating a tooth in this condition often requires the specialist care of a dentist like Dr. Arel Ondoy and his professionally trained staff. After some essential diagnostics he will explain your treatment options.

Endodontic therapy can often be used to treat a tooth that has been severely compromised. Yet in a few of these cases the root of the tooth might be so badly decayed or fractured that the only viable option is to extract whatever remains, to start the process of alleviating the pain while also helping to limit your chances of suffering from a dental abscess.

After the local gum tissues have been carefully sutured our dentist will provide you with any necessary aftercare instructions, which might also include directions for prescription pain or antibiotic medications.

If you have a severely distressed tooth and you are in the Oak Forest, Illinois, area, you should call 708-535-0333 to seek specialist treatment at Arel C Ondoy DMD. Our caring dentists Dr. Ondoy, Dr. Shah-Cox, and Dr. Hutnik are happy to help you with the best care for your oral health!