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Have you ever suffered from oral health issues including increased tooth sensitivity when eating foods or drinking liquids? You may be suffering from tooth decay and do not even know it.  Because cavities are so common in all ages, always attend regular check-ups with your dentist to search for any tooth enamel damage that may be taking place. For a list of guidelines regarding dental sealants, consider the following:

– Dental sealants have been proven to decrease the risk of tooth decay by 80%.

– Children with dental sealants are three times less likely to have cavities.

– Dental sealants are tremendously durable and can easily last over ten years heavy use.

– Dental sealants are used for all ages and can be safely placed in children when their first molars grow in. This frequently occurs when they are about six years of age.

– Dental sealants consist of a special gel that is spread across your teeth and naturally hardened using a specialized light source. Sealants are both safe and extremely effective in providing an extra protective layer to your teeth atop of your tooth enamel.

No matter the needs you require from your smile, our team at Arel C Ondoy DMD can help. Dr. Arel Ondoy and our team can give you a comprehensive oral examination to determine which dental sealants procedure is best for you and your oral health care needs. To schedule a visit to our dentist office in Oak Forest, Illinois, call us at 708-535-0333 . Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call or visit us today!